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Here's a Few Q/A to help you prepare for the adventures that awaits.....


What is Ultimate Battlezone?

    * Ultimate Battlezone is an indoor facility that offers multiple gaming in one place.


I see that Ultimate Battlezone is also a paintball place will I get paint on me even if I’m not playing paintball?

   *Ultimate Battlezone is a multipurpose facility. There is minor paint residue everywhere.

   *The facility is clean every night however we can’t not guarantee you will not get paint on you if say you were playing laser tag.

   *All the paintballs used at UBZ are water base and will not stain your clothes. It will wash out very easily.

   *Please come in clothes you wouldn’t mind getting paint on regardless if you are playing laser tag, dodgeball, Archery Tag, or paintball.


I Never played Paintball before what do I wear?

   *Layers. Layers…. Layers,

   *Long sleeves and pants (try to cover all bare skin).

   *(Sneakers or boots are a must)


What are the age requirement to play at Ultimate Battlezone?

   *An ideal age to truly experience Ultimate Battlezone to the full extent is around 7-up


What venues can I play at Ultimate Battlezone?


  *Laser Tag.

  *Indoor Paintball.

  *Archery Tag.

  *(Nerf Wars (for birthday parties).

  *JT Splatmaster (for birthday parties)


What are your hours of Operations?

  *Please visit out contact us section to see our latest times of operations.


Are reservations needed to come to play at Ultimate Battlezone?

  *Reservations are not need but highly recommended do to the fact we do get very busy especially during the weakened. Without making a reservation we will not be able to guarantee play time, will be available when you come.


How do I make a reservation?

   *Give Ultimate Battlezone a call 609-383-9663 or send us an email to secure your spot.


I haven’t played paintball before does Paintball hurt?

   *Paintball in general no matter where you go will sting a little.

   *We lower our speed to 200FPS (Feet Per Second) which makes the sting hurt less Vs outdoors which is at 280 fps or higher

   *If you layer up, you will be fine.


What is Supplied with a Paintball Rental?

   *Gun, Tank. Mask. unlimited air, 100 paintballs (short Course) or 200 paintballs (Long course).


I have my own equipment can I used them at Ultimate Battlezone?

  *Yes, during walk on paintball players, can bring their own equipment assuming it falls under the facilities guidelines and chrono at the facilities standard fps rate of 200.

  *Ultimate Battlezone (UBZ) will not supply gear if you bring your own equipment. Players may rent additional gear to include: mask, tank, hopper, barrel sock, et… if they are missing them.

  *Air tanks must be detach from gun upon arriving to UBZ.


 If I have my own air tank does Ultimate Battlezone refill air tanks?

   *Yes, Ultimate Battlezone refills air tanks for free if you are playing at our facility.

  *UBZ only uses compressed air.

  *If you just need your tank refilled there’s a small charge of $5.

If I have my own Paintballs can I used them at Ultimate Battlezone?

  *No outside paint will be allowed in the facility.

  *Ultimate Battlezone is an indoor facility, we use specialized paint designed for indoors.

  *Players must use filed paint provide by UBZ

  *Players that purchase a case only can bring back whatever they don’t use.