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The Biggest Indoor facility in South Jersey to offer painball indoors. "Real Paintball"

not that rubber stuff some fields use. Here at Ultimate Battlezone we believe in the

"Magic of the splat" and it has been the driving force of our company. Our Indoor field

is ideal for year round play, practice, recreational, and birthday parties. Did I mention THERE'RE DOORS AND WINDOWS you can shoot through? Our unique field adds a bit more challenge to the game and enables players to strategically plan their attack on

their opponents. Visit the biggest indoor facility in South Jersey that uses real .68cal paintballs.

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Enjoy the  


Our facility offers players two types of field play. First field play "Short Course Paintball" is ideal for those players who are just trying out paintball. On this field, players utilize our new light weight .50cal paintballs, which offers all the same experince of paintball but, with 75% less pain, and mess. "Short Course Paintball" is run 6 days a week and players as young as 6 years old can experince paintball for the first time. Check out our low impact .50cal page.

Low Impact is Ideal for All types of parties

2 Fields

For those who live the more adventurous life. "Long Course Paintball" is right for you. Pack with all your favorite game modes to include: team death match and capture the flag, "Long course" gives you the excitment and thrill a paintball field should. Battle your family, friends, and strangers and see whos the best. With our climate controlled facility you never have to compromise fun because of the weather.



What Are You Waiting For?

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Most unique field you will ever play on!

Take care of your Wavier now and don't worry about it for a 1 year.

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